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"A funny, warm, sad, heartening, joyful celebration of self"

Sonya Stewart for Dominion Post

· Review,Pick of the Fringe

"Each year BATS does a Pick of the Fringe season. As one of this year's three shows, award winning writer/performer Abby Howells returns in HarleQueen.

A vaudevillian-style performance, there is plenty to entertain with songs and skits, tales and dance. Ventriloquist dummy and the worst/best trick I have ever seen? Sure! Silent movie style speed run of Phantom of the Opera? Why not!

Woven amongst this is Howells' own journey through musical theatre and stand-up comedy and tales of women fools in history. Jane of Tudor England, Mabel Normandy of 1920s America and Terri Rogers from Ipswich are some whose stories are shared, and they are both sad and celebratory. They each had their own challenges to face, some are overcome but others are not. This show is an evolution of women in comedy as well as her own."

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