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"Abby Howells is a firecracker of a comic, and wears her heart on her sleeve"

Sophie Ricketts for Backstage Christchurch

· Review,Little Andromeda

"A young woman stood on stage before us, an easel placed next to her with several photo placards stacked upon it. Her dress, whimsical. Her collar, Tudor. What were we in for? A comedy show wrapped around a history lesson, as it turns out, with some special effects and a few surprises thrown in too.

Abby Howells is a firecracker of a comic, and wears her heart on her sleeve. In between the biting remarks and self-deprecating jokes there is young woman who wants to right some wrongs and share her own personal stories. HarleQueen gave us a true taste of the journey female comedians have gone through to pave the way for Abby and other young comics like her. Her show balances lots of jokes, and the occasional song, with the depth of research you might expect in a high school book report - one which would most certainly receive an “Achieved”.
With a large dose of charm, a killer wit, and a ventriloquist’s dummy, Abby manages to work her way into our hearts and impart more than a little wisdom. Her enthusiasm for the history of female comics is infectious and her soft and gentle exterior is a bold contrast to her sharp and biting wit. This is someone who just might host her own late night chat show one day, or potentially publish her teenage diary; I sincerely hope she does both!

Little Andromeda is the perfect space for a show like this, intimate and professional. Make sure you get along tonight at 7pm, she more than deserves a full house."

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