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HarleQueen at NZ Fringe

Kate Norquay for Art Murmurs

· Review,NZ Fringe

"HarleQueen is a must see show for any aspiring female comedian. If you’re a funny woman that has loved to perform and be silly, or has felt like an awkward outcast, this show will be like looking in the mirror. It’s a chance to look back and learn about the stories of the comedy giants that came before us, and to see our own stories reflected through theirs. It is a fun experience, full of nostalgia.

...It’s refreshing to watch standup comedy which doesn’t rely on crassness, or cruelty. Instead, Abby makes us laugh at with her earnestness and awkwardness. She finds those funny moments in nostalgia and vulnerability, and never turns to snark to get a laugh. It’s not often that you see a standup show that is just as delightful as it is funny. It’s the breath of fresh air that we didn’t even know we needed.

...HarleQueen is delightful, educational, meaningful, and most of all, hilarious. I can’t help smiling as I leave the theatre, remembering my own love for comedy... The story comes full circle, Abby stands on the backs of comedy giants, and she herself becomes a giant that other young woman look up to."

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