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"Our indisputable Queen of fools"

Terry MacTavish for Theatreview

· Review,Dunedin Fringe

"I have seen all too many (mostly male) comics shamble their way through a pretty incoherent account of how they have ended up boring us with their life story – nothing remotely like this tight, polished show, impeccably directed by Anya Tate-Manning, that deftly employs all manner of charming technical devices to illustrate Abby Howells’ tale of life as an aspirational female fool...

Every moment of this journey has been a delight, as our indisputable Queen of Fools comes to the realisation that indeed she can make comedy “on my own, on my own terms”. But Abby Howells is not on her own, the funny ladies of the past are ranged behind her. And the rapturous audience is with her – oh boy, are we with her!!"

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